Portrait of a Filmmaker: Lavado Stubbs

Getting the chance to photograph another artist is very important to me and so when filmmaker, Lavado Stubbs approached me about doing portraits of him, I was elated at the opportunity. I'd known Lavado from when I first began my career in photography 10 years ago. He was involved in another creative venture back then but we'd always kept in touch and I watched him grow into an amazing film maker and director with his brand "ConchBoy Films." 

Lavado wanted something simple for his portraits but at the same time he wanted there to be some style elements present. Using a mood board, I decided to incorporate some of his signature pieces in the photography like his fedora, tropical print shirt and vintage frame glasses. The only request from the artist was that he wanted a photo of himself enjoying a handmade cigar from Greycliff. 

He also mentioned that he was nervous as he was used to being behind the camera. So I told him to trust me and just let the creativity flow. I think that put him more at ease and as his excitement grew, so did mine. So excited that I had to stop him from buying all new clothing for the shoot, even down to a simple white tee!

We got great frames with Lavado as his personality came through on set, sometimes emotionless while other times joyful and full of laughter. Check out some of my favorite shots from shooting this filmmaker.

I have known Scharad for several years and always admired and respected his craft as an amazing photographer. I was delighted when I finally got the opportunity to be photographed by him. It was great to see another artist’s process and get a feel of how it is to be a subject. Scharad truly made this entire experience comfortable for a filmmaker like me who lives behind the scenes.
— Lavado Stubbs

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

Grip: Aaron Davis, Malik Smith, Antonio Miller • Video: Ashley Whitney • BTS: Keisha Oliver