Uptown Downtown with Kara Mac

I'm really excited to finally get these "uptown downtown" images out having visited LA for the first time over 2 years ago. While in LA, I got the chance to work with a few models, Kara being one of them. She was actually suggested to me by the MUA as it was her daughter and she said that Kara had done beauty pageants, but was a passionate dancer. Now, I love dancers, dance actually; its such an amazing art form so I jumped at the chance to photograph one.

Kara was awesome on set, giving me a multitude of poses, one of the other, jumping, twirling, skipping, twisting and many more. The clothing was already her own, dance inspired, comfortable and stylish at the same time. It was a breeze to run through different looks that I actually put together myself (we had a tight budget) and everything worked well together. Hats, scarves and boots make for great foundation pieces.

Downtown LA was a photographer's paradise providing me with a buffet of interesting spaces with murals plastered everywhere, graffiti on mile long walls and just the district as a whole was visually interesting to take in. I think we spent the entire day walking around finding all these great spaces to capture.

Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne
Filmed by: Daniel K Pictures
Additional Footage: Selina Ruthe
MUA: Karen Barragato