Courtney Spears. Portraits of a Ballerina

Courtney Spears is an accomplished dancer and ballerina with Bahamian roots with a diverse portfolio that makes her a very recognized figure in her field. There are Bahamians all over the world like Courtney who are doing some pretty amazing things, so when Courtney and I first met, we knew we would be doing some work together. I wanted to capture unconventional portraits of this incredible ballerina. We planned the entire shoot over a few days and I wanted to keep things simple as I always do but in this case, I wanted a bit more in terms of the creative direction. I enlisted the help of designer Ria Georgina to make a dramatic tulle skirt for my ballerina to wear and that was a creative process indeed from choosing the right colour to length and fullness of the skirt. 

It took me a minute to decide on where I would shoot Courtney and I mulled over this for days. I didn't want studio shots and the locations I'd scouted prior to just weren't giving me the character I needed. Until...I decided to go back to one of those very same locations, the Potters Cay Dock. I walked around some more and found a space that I couldn't believe I missed. So I took some photos and went back home to finish my shot list.

On the day of the shoot, I met Courtney at the studio of Sarsha Lepeche (MUA) where she applied a dramatic look to her face. My team met me at the location and we shot effortless looks of Courtney moving and contorting her body like it was painted on a canvas. The location of course completely opposed her movements and femininity and the team loved it. Please enjoy the images responsibly.

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne  MUA: Makeup by Sarsha Lepeche  Grips: Gary Martin, Martin Gray // Video: Ashley Whitney

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: Makeup by Sarsha Lepeche

Grips: Gary Martin, Martin Gray // Video: Ashley Whitney


Natural Habitat

As an artist I have a million thoughts about my work and what Im doing and so I decided to portray one of these thoughts through photography.

We often find ourselves reaching a plateau or comfort zone and its unusual to want to stray away from that but I'm learning that you have to step out of that zone in order to grow. This is a scary thing to some because we become comfortable with our current environments, so to venture into some other unusual area is looked at as risky.

Faith and vision keep you focus and protected, so using a female model and a canine model, I drew from them to interpret these feelings. Being on unfamiliar ground is somewhat daunting but your goals and dreams are attainable by focus on whats ahead. I thought it would be interested to portray this and model Joi Broughton did an outstanding job by helping me bring this vision to life with her companion Sniper the Doberman Pincher.

Photography & Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

Art Direction: Kenton Ferguson

MUA: Sarsha Lepeche

Hair: Skyline Designs

Model: Joi Broughton

Grip: Tariq Cartwright


Video Direction: Scharad Lightbourne

Video Cinematography: Tony E Williams 

Video Producer: Tony E Williams 

Bahari Fall 2016 Campaign

The Bahari Creative team always  gives me "some" wiggle room when it comes to the brands new campaigns. So when it came time to shoot the Fall 16' series for Bahari, they made it perfectly clear that they wanted to direct this shoot. With some reluctance, I figured it would be good to have the geniuses behind the brand direct their own photoshoot. 

The looks were incredible, the models were fluid and gave great movement to the lens of both the video and still camera. In Bahari true fashion, we had the set constructed for the shoot because we wanted a different approach. This artistic, nature inspired "cube" was the perfect backdrop for the bold prints of the new line.

A great joy for me was challenging myself to photograph the entire campaign with natural light. No strobes we used to capture the images so I was very proud with the results. Please enjoy the images and short fashion film below.

Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne
MUA: Antonya Jenoure
Stylist: Joel Stubbs
Hair: Omeece Culmer
Photo Assistant: Aaron Davis

Fashion Film

Directed by: Morgan Fernander & Scharad Lightbourne

Filmed by Ashley Whitney & Malik Smith

Produced by Ashley Whitney