Natural Habitat

As an artist I have a million thoughts about my work and what Im doing and so I decided to portray one of these thoughts through photography.

We often find ourselves reaching a plateau or comfort zone and its unusual to want to stray away from that but I'm learning that you have to step out of that zone in order to grow. This is a scary thing to some because we become comfortable with our current environments, so to venture into some other unusual area is looked at as risky.

Faith and vision keep you focus and protected, so using a female model and a canine model, I drew from them to interpret these feelings. Being on unfamiliar ground is somewhat daunting but your goals and dreams are attainable by focus on whats ahead. I thought it would be interested to portray this and model Joi Broughton did an outstanding job by helping me bring this vision to life with her companion Sniper the Doberman Pincher.

Photography & Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

Art Direction: Kenton Ferguson

MUA: Sarsha Lepeche

Hair: Skyline Designs

Model: Joi Broughton

Grip: Tariq Cartwright


Video Direction: Scharad Lightbourne

Video Cinematography: Tony E Williams 

Video Producer: Tony E Williams