Fur In Love with model Alina Pak

I've always wanted to do a shoot inspired by fur clothing, so while I was in Toronto, I met up with stylist Aziza Brown to help me produce this editorial. Alina, our model had reached out to me on the popular networking site, Model Mayhem and Aziza and I agreed that we both loved her look. So after a few hours of brainstorming, I left it all in Aziza's hands to come up with the looks while I sourced local talent Joan Huang for hair and makeup. 

The studio was booked, call time was set and my photo-shoot playlist was on repeat. Aziza laid out her pieces, finalizing the looks which we both went over, while Joan was at her station preparing for the model's arrival and once Alina showed up, everyone put their game faces on.

Alina was incredible to photograph. She moved effortlessly through each frame and her piercing eyes burned through the lens and they seemed not to be distracted by the surrounding fur which hugged her face. The looks were great, and combined with color gels, made for great compositions.

This series was recently featured in intl magazine Institue Magazine as well!

MUA/Hair: Joan Huang • Clothing: Print Vintage • Stylist: Aziza Brown • Model: Alina Pak