Untitled + Co & Morgan Model Jasmine

Toronto is one of my favorite places to visit. Its a city with so much diversity; in its people, building, art, film and photography. So it was a no brainer that while I was there, I'd want to set up a few photo-shoots. I liked with my homie April Pabon from NY, while shooting there and she managed to connect us with one of the local agencies. Morgan Models sent us some great picks, albeit newbies to the modeling scene, I immediately took to Jasmine Kassam's exotic features.

Now, when I know Im traveling to a big city, I always put out a few "notice boards" and try to network with industry folk; stylists, hair stylists, MUAs, models and other photographers. So I got lucky to find a triple threat in Rosa Stylez. She was a #girlboss because not only did she style the shoot but she did hair and makeup as well! We worked with a local retailer "Untitled & Co" who donated great urban pieces for the shoot.

I loved Jasmine's look and she followed direction well. It was actually her first shoot since signing with MM in Toronto so I was ecstatic about being the first photographer to shoot her. I was pleased with the outcome.