Beauty Photography In A Pool

I was the first photographer to take professional images of Candice, nearly 9 years ago! A lot has changed since then. We have both grown as individuals and as creatives. Candice, undeniably so has been photographed by nearly every photographer on the island so I knew my approach had to be different, simple, know, my style! I spoke to Candice and she agreed and she became elated because we hadn't shot in such a very long time.

I wanted to keep things simple. My lighting, styling and even the models hair and makeup I wanted to keep clean and light. I wanted to put the focus on her face because she has such interesting features. She has a timeless and classic beauty reminding me of an actress from the 60s. So using my homemade scrim and a circular reflector, I was able to control the light and get great frames while shooting.

Candice was great, she knew how to angle her face so that I got the looks I had envisioned. In post after retouching, I added some Lightroom magic and it really gave the images the finishing look they needed.

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne  MUA: T's Artistry  Grips: Tariq Cartwright + Malik Smith 

Photography + Styling: Scharad Lightbourne

MUA: T's Artistry

Grips: Tariq Cartwright + Malik Smith 

Rain Check Editorial with Atalanta Schulenberg

I remember, just recently, shooting portraits of designer Theodore Elyett. It was on the set when I previewed his latest collection and found myself itching to see the remaining pieces. The patterns combined with his use of color and texture screamed for a photoshoot. I approached Theo about the idea and he jumped with excitement, the prelude to this "Rain Check" editorial.

We planned for weeks what we were going to shoot, who the team would be and where we would shoot it. The only thing missing was a muse to bring it all together. At the time, it didn't occur to me that the perfect subject was waiting for me to ask her about photographing her. Atalanta was a student at the Lyford Cay International School, introduced to me by one of the development coordinators. She was tall, awkward with a fashion frame that my eye knew would be great for Theo's pieces.

No fitting prior to the shoot was made. We introduced the team beforehand and with the location finalized, we were ready for shoot day! The team had not seen the location before shoot but they were amazed at how amazing it was despite the overcast skies. Once we began to shoot, it was like waving a magic wand at each look. Just earlier, Atalanta said to me that she was nervous and that I'd have to direct her a lot but I knew her awkwardness would make the shots great. She'd never done a professional photo shoot before but she gave us effortless posing, frame after frame in designer pieces that fit her like they were made for her in the first place.

Please enjoy this editorial spread and our BTS video displaying amazing pieces from designer Theodore Elyett worn by our model Atalanta.


Uptown Downtown with Kara Mac

I'm really excited to finally get these "uptown downtown" images out having visited LA for the first time over 2 years ago. While in LA, I got the chance to work with a few models, Kara being one of them. She was actually suggested to me by the MUA as it was her daughter and she said that Kara had done beauty pageants, but was a passionate dancer. Now, I love dancers, dance actually; its such an amazing art form so I jumped at the chance to photograph one.

Kara was awesome on set, giving me a multitude of poses, one of the other, jumping, twirling, skipping, twisting and many more. The clothing was already her own, dance inspired, comfortable and stylish at the same time. It was a breeze to run through different looks that I actually put together myself (we had a tight budget) and everything worked well together. Hats, scarves and boots make for great foundation pieces.

Downtown LA was a photographer's paradise providing me with a buffet of interesting spaces with murals plastered everywhere, graffiti on mile long walls and just the district as a whole was visually interesting to take in. I think we spent the entire day walking around finding all these great spaces to capture.

Photographer: Scharad Lightbourne
Filmed by: Daniel K Pictures
Additional Footage: Selina Ruthe
MUA: Karen Barragato

Theodore Elyett, Fashion Designer Lifestyle Shoot

Theodore Elyett has been a premier designer in The Bahamas for quite some time, so when he approached me about shooting new lifestyle images of him for a brand, I felt honored to do so. Theo has won countless awards, been featured in multiple publications and was the 2015 winner of Mission Catwalk, a reality show competition for caribbean designers held in Jamaica last year.

Theo and I had several brainstorming sessions and we mapped out the look and feel for his shoot. His looks were going to be simple with monochromatic styling and different fabrics that ranged from plaid to houndstooth to tweed. Theo worked with fashion stylist Igee Okafor to help complete the looks. Very clean, very "artsy."

Our location, Harry's Haven was the perfect setting for the shoot combining both victorian and an "island chic" decor. We had really great spaces to work with and TONS of natural light, which I always embrace with a big smile. Theo took direction like a professional and threw in spots of his fun, outgoing personality which made for great frames. 

Video: Ashley Whitney
Styling: Igee Ofakor
Grip: Malik Smith
Grip: Shawn Hanna